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When you purchase a home, you need to know exactly what you're in for. The property doesn't have to be perfect, but you should know about any issues that you'll have to repair. This information is important so that you can either prepare your finances to fix up the home or move on to another property.
For a detailed home inspection that will offer you a clear picture of the investment you're about to make, get in touch with T Total Home Inspections LLC. Todd St. Clair has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Prospective homebuyers in Ohio can trust him to inspect homes from top to bottom, taking note of any issues. Our inspector will travel to Cambridge & Zanesville, OH and additional surrounding areas to provide you with quaily home inspection services.
Don't make the mistake of investing in a home full of hidden problems. Call our home inspector at (740) 630-6985 to schedule an appointment today.

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The Leading Experts in Home Inspection and Pest Control Throughout Cambridge & Zanesville, OH area !

Whether you are looking for a home inspector, concerned about mold in your house , curious about radon gas leaking, or even looking for a local pest control exterminator; T Total Home Inspections will handle all over you needs! We service throughout the Cambridge and Zanesville, OH areas! Contact us today at (740) 630-6985 to learn more about home inspection and pest control services that best fit your needs.

What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

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This is another home that I was called in to do a termite inspection. Termites can be in a home for years before they become noticeable. So often there is no visible damage till I start taping on the wood and find that is sounds like cardboard,or has a softer sound, because it is no longer solid. Some times I can stick my finger right through the floor joist. This is a home owners worst nightmare.

Watch this termite inspection video below to see what damage you home could be in



Go into negotiations with a clear picture

Our inspector can do more than just standard home inspections. His services also include:

Our inspector has various certifications to perform his inspection services. He's a licensed pest control applicator, a certified home inspector, a certified mold inspector and a certified radon tester. He's also licensed by the Department of Agriculture to inspect wood-destroying insects.

T Total Home Inspections offers homebuyers a full picture of the property they're considering. Our inspections can also point out repairs to home sellers before they put their homes on the market. Reach out to us today to learn about our inspection process.

Don't forget about the septic system

In about 30 minutes, our state-registered septic inspector can examine the septic system at your prospective property. He'll get records of the type and size of the septic tank. He'll then open the tank and make sure it's draining properly and draining to the right place. You'll get a handwritten report that will note any current or potential health issues. Contact us today to ensure your septic system can handle your needs.

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