Emergency Pest Control Service For Your Home

Emergency Pest Control Service For Your Home

Call us for pest control services in Cambridge & Zanesville, OH and Surrounding Areas

You can't feel comfortable in a home that's infested with unwanted pests. The pest control specialist at T Total Home Inspections LLC offers residential and commercial pest control services in Cambridge and Zanesville, OH and surrounding areas. We can treat your property for a variety of rodents and insects.

For residential property owners, we offer quarterly service with free service in between treatments. Our pest control services are customized to the individual needs of your property.

You can also turn to us for termite control services. Our liquid treatment takes up to 90 days or less to penetrate your property. We'll follow up with you after a year to ensure the treatment worked. We guarantee free retreating services if the product didn't work the first time.

Call us today to say goodbye to the pests wreaking havoc at your home or office.

Keep The Warmth In .. And Keep The Pest Out This Winter.

Keep The Warmth In .. And Keep The Pest Out This Winter.

Hire us to remove unwanted pest from your home

As winter approaches, we start to notice bugs and pest tend to fade away. Although you make think cold weather will take care of the annoying summer pest. the winter brings another kind of worry for your home. As the weather starts to drop, mice and spiders seek out a warm place to stay. What better place to rid out the brutal winter than your heated home!

Thankfully, T Total Home Inspection is here to provide top quality pest control services for homes throughout Cambridge & Zanesville, OH. We will take care of those invading rodents and creepy crawling such as cockroaches and spiders from coming into your home this winter. Call us today at 740-630-6985 to find out more about winterizing your home this season and keeping those pest out!

Reliable Pest Control Service in Cambridge & Zanesville, OH

What type of pest is in your home or office?

Our pest control professional can handle a variety of unwanted pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Roaches
  • Fleas
  • Mice and rats

Don't spend another day with pests running around your home or office. Contact us at 740-630-6985 today.